Moonlight Towers

by The Coffee Sergeants

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Produced and Mixed by Stuart Sullivan and Carey Bowman
Engineered by Stuart Sullivan
Arranged by the Coffee Sergeants
Recorded and mixed at Pedernales Studio, Spicewood, TX
on August 31, September 1 & 2, December 19,20 & 21st, 1992
Executive Producer: Steve Wilkison
Mastered by Jerry Tubb at Terra Nova Digital Audio, Austin TX
Digital Mastering by Soundmirror, Boston MA
All Photography by Todd V. Wolfson
Eye: Dierdre
Cover design by Steve Wilkison, Todd V. Wolfson and Carey Bowman


released February 1, 1993

Mike Barnett
Spencer Berry
Carey Bowman
Doug Spinks

Violins by Scott Blesener



all rights reserved


The Coffee Sergeants Austin, Texas

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Track Name: It's Not Me
You were calling out my name
and I woke you up from your bad dream
I was calling out your name
I was hoping that you'd do the same
Now I know just how you feel
And I know that it's not real
It's just something that you wanted
That you hoped that I might be
But it's not me

You know there was a lover
who became an ogre in your dreams
and exploded into colors on your walls
and on your sheets
Now you know that they're both me
and you know that they're not me
They're just something that you wanted
that you hoped that I might be
But they're not me

Any you know that things
are not the way they seem
I'm the one who wakes you
from your dream
Track Name: Some Fair Day
And some fair day I'll think of you
Where the earth is green
and the sky is blue
The sound of your breath in my ear
Is really all I want to hear

And some fair day you'll think of me
On a warm spring ride down to the sea
where the earth is sand
and the sea is blue
maybe then I'll think of you

You're in the next room making plans
Like diamonds strewn across the sand
Track Name: It All Comes Down to You
In this time
the state of sleep, the case of adults
caught up in the content change
And I don't remember
what day it was

It's not the way
you look at me when you say those
thing you say
It's more in the way you smile
And I don't remember
what day it was

It serves us well
the space between the places
that we go
even though the words have changed
And I don't remember what day it was
that it all came down to you
Track Name: Streets of Heaven
Cindy in the morning
is a vision without warning
crashing on the rocks of
consciousness and time
and I wake
and I rise
grab another pack of lies
and I stumble out the door
and start the day

Who know where black coaches
of our fortune now will take us
(to the edge of sanity and back
it seems)
And you'll find me as you will
where the rain falls 'cross the hill
and we'll walk these streets of heaven
in our dreams

The street lights all line up to lead me
and the porch lights all come on to greet me
down these shady streets I waste my time
and the only constant that I find
the sound of footsteps in my mind
so deafeningly silent on the ground
Track Name: Blue Moon at Dawn
Blue moon at dawn
Another waiting when it's gone
You look away
You do not hear me
when I say
I'll not be free
till all my lies are truths again
Track Name: This Little Corner of the World
When I was Napoleon
and you were Josephine
we'd sit and talk together
of the places we had been

You are a child
You cannot hope to understand
this little corner of the world

Oleander and her friends
and a host of sixteen angels
with their wings beating
and horns blowing
could not wake you from your sleep

I'm listening to the air conditioner
and I'm dreaming
I am gone
Track Name: The New Crustacean
I can't talk too loud because he might be at the door
It's about this guy who lives next to me on this floor
He's been up all night
I don't think he ever sleeps

Go in some trouble on the ugly side of town
busted him a rank and they rode him out of town
for being in the wrong place
wrong space
wrong time

He sits and watches the TV
He smokes a cigarette
or three
and waits to feel some new sensation
He says that only time will tell
He locks himself inside a shell
poor guy
He's the new crustacean
Track Name: Pilot Song
If I were a pilot I would fly
in lazy circles 'round your little town
and paint you sky
and say the words
that I could never say
If I were a pilot
were a poet for a day

If I were the one you really need
I'd be your lover and your father now
and I'd walk your path of splinters
and I'd make your bed of nails
If I were a pilot
were a poet for a day
Track Name: Moonlight Towers
Lights on the horizon they twinkle and shine
In moonlight towers I hold you
through your darkest night
Wasted all my time on sunlight
with the rain falling down
Now I can't help feeling
I'm holding you down

The men in the blue suits grow old
as they deal and they lie
Moonlight towers, they reach
and scrape stars from the sky
Wasted all my days on moonlight
with the sun beating down
Now I can't help feeling
I'm holding you down

You will find me in the shaft of light
that shines through your door
I am always in the shaft of light
that shines through your door
Track Name: I Smile
Jenny is so young
and she's so old
the contradictions all unfold
an open book for me to find
A shadow cast across my mind
And she's running from the pain
of being caught out in the rain
and I'm soaking
and I smile

Merry is so strong
and she's so cool
till someone plays her for a fool
then her world comes crashing down
I cannot watch it hit the ground
And her phone rings off the wall
but she won't accept the call
She's so many people now