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Our second 'cassette only' release was recorded at the Fire Station in San Marcos, in the dog days of summer 1991, I still distinctly remember making the drive everyday in my old Benz which had no AC, Climbing the stairs in the back of the building and entering the cold, dark cavernous cutting room. Whatever the product of these sessions may lack in fidelity, Minaret more than makes up for in that intangible vibe that we were starting tap into. Doug Spinks had replaced Mike Brown a few months earlier solidifying the Coffee Sergeant lineup that would continue on for nearly 20 years. Although a few of these songs would later be redone for Moonlight Towers, there are still several old favorites here that can't be found anywhere else. Enjoy!

Produced by Carey Bowman
Arranged by The Coffee Sergeants
Engineered by Gary Hickenbotham
Recorded at The Fire Station San Marcos Texas
Artwork by the esteemed Jason Austin


released September 1, 1991

Mike Barnett: keyboards, guitar, hurdy gurdy
Spencer Berry: bass, vocals
Carey Bowman: vocals, guitar, hurdy gurdy
Doug Spinks: Drums and percussion
Scott Blesener: violin



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The Coffee Sergeants Austin, Texas

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Track Name: What it Means to Me
You don't know
What it means to me to be
something you adore
(or despise, at least I know I mean something to you)

When you look down
you can't see that I see something in you
something you can't hide.......
Track Name: The New Crustacean
I can't talk too loud because he might be at the door
It's about this guys who lives next to me on this floor
He's been up all night
I don't think he ever sleeps

Got in some trouble on the ugly side of town
Busted him a rank, and they rode him out of town
for being in the wrong place,
wrong space,
wrong time.

He sits and watches the TV
He smokes a cigarette, or three
and waits to feel some new sensation
He says that only time will tell
He locks himself inside a shell
Poor guy,
he's the new crustacean
Track Name: Rick's Turkish Delight
Look out your window on the town
Look as the sun is going down
I see the twilight in your eyes
I see the moon hang in the sky

Look out your window down the street
Imagine you are standing there
and looking back to where you were
and understanding how it feels
Track Name: This Little Corner of the World
When I was Napoleon
and you were Josephine
we'd sit and talk together
of the places we had been

You are a child,
you cannot hope to understand
this little corner of the world

and her friends
and a host of sixteen angels
with their wings beating
and horns blowing
cannot wake you from your sleep

I'm listening to the air conditioner
and I'm dreaming
I am gone.

You are a child,
you cannot hope to understand
this little corner of the world
Track Name: Ramsey Park
And we walk to Ramsey Park
The sun is high, the air is cool
the trees they rise their shadows fall like rain
And every word is like a thought
an instant passed, a spoken word
a glimpse caught from the corner of her eye

Would you like to take a walk
down the way to Ramsey Park
Would you like to take a thought
and color it with Ramsey Park

Winter days are always here
and always there
a lovers word spoken like a smoke ring in the wind
and we are lying on the hill
you are there
I am here
and forever it shall always be

Would you like to take a walk
down the way to Ramsey Park
Track Name: Greenville State of Mind
It's such a Greenville state of mind
it's such a Greenville state of mind
I thought I'd left it far behind
but it's a Greenville state of mind.
What have you that I have not had
what is there anyway
what have you that I have not had
come to me yesterday and say
a feeling left so far behind
that it's a greenville state of mind.
Track Name: I Remember You
With the first breath you take
on your way to find
the outskirts of this town
please be assured
that your dream never dies
I remember you.

When the fire in your eyes
burns so far away
and the time slips
through your hands
in your one finest hour
you will live always
I remember you